Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

  • Multicultural Greek Council

    The Multicultural Greek Council are multicultural and multiethnic Greek letter organizations. These fraternities and sororities were founded to promote awareness of multicultural diversity within collegiate institutions, surronding neighborhoods, and the community at large. Although these organizations were founded on cultural and ethnic ideas and beliefs, each organization is all-inclusive and excepting of all men and women.

    MGC Executive Board Contact Information

    President - Karina Martinez-Arguinzoni -

    Internal Vive Presodent - Dealo Gordon -

    External Vice President - Jhulianna Vivar -

    Secretary - Richard Han -

    Treasurer - Chirag Patel -

    Parliamentarian - Mario Leun -

    MGC Office & Website

    Phone - (813) 974-3993

    Website - MGC Facebook Page


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